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Dark Veil Preview Adventure and Quick-play

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

It's here, the free preview adventure and quick-play for Dark Veil.

Hours of content free!

The quick-play guide lets players, any seasoned RPG game master and storytellers alike to learn about the game system of Dark Veil ‒ as well as how to run and play through adventures in the universe. The quick-play touches upon some of the setting to give players and storytellers a rough idea of the universe but the adventure, Gate Shuffle, adds a true setting experience of the universe. Both preview pdf's are available for free for members on Signup on the my account tab to join for free content, previews, chances to win exclusive prizes, and for details and important links to upcoming releases and appearances.

All members must sign up through our my account tab to get our free content. From there, you gain access to a special members portal where you can keep track of your site payments, shipping addresses, download free preview content, and other upcoming features.

See our privacy policy if you have any concerns about your data.

Watch the video above or follow the step by step instructions below to download.

  1. Head to your My Account Tab

  2. Sign into your Account

  3. Select the Free Previews Tab

  4. Choose the content you wish to download

  5. Download or use the content from your browser

We recommend chrome for the best experience. If you are struggling to download your content please let us know on our discord.

A note about character sheets

Our Free Pre-Made characters have fillable boxes to keep track of your character stats as you play the preview adventure. You can use these on your browser to keep track of your stats digitally OR you can also print these character sheets from your computer. If you decide to print them, make sure to delete any content in the fillable boxes.

I got the files now where do I play?

Now that you downloaded the free content you'll need some players to begin your preview adventure. Remember that the storyteller should be the only one who downloads the preview adventure. Players should have this kept secret from them until after they play the adventure. Trust us when we say, players will want to read the full preview adventure for all the hidden content you didn't get to.

If you are still looking for players drop by our discord or post on social media looking for some players to try the game out. All you need are some d6 dice and a place to play online or in person. Remember to always choose players you feel comfortable adventuring with and to play for fun and storytelling.

Have fun out there adventurers.

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