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Dark Veil Studios Culture

We intentionally create inclusive content as part of our process. This is who we are. This is how we believe quality content is made for the audience we want to make games for. Every company needs a culture to define their core values.

These are ours.

Take the extra time to do the thing right

There is nothing worse than getting something rushed and having mistakes exist. Nothing will ever be 100 percent perfect, but we are going to take the time to try and do it as close to perfect (for the project at hand) as we can. Even if it means being a little late to release, we would rather tell you we are delivering something a little late but with the guarantee we are taking the extra time to do it right.

Cultivating a culture of respect

People should all be treated with respect and valued as people first. We uphold this value within our company and give our team members the extra space they need when life comes knocking. We also know that accountability comes from the top, and if you aren’t successful but are doing everything right with the tools you have, that is on our leadership team to adjust.

Provide high-quality content whenever possible

We are all about content quality. From great artwork, polished mechanics, excellent editing, quality graphic design, product materials, and detailed lore. We want to deliver a great experience that someone feels proud to own and play with others. As collectors ourselves, we know a great game is part of a collection that should be treated with the respect it deserves.

Provide replay and fun value with every product

We don’t want to sell you something that can’t be replayed for hundreds of hours. Every game we release has countless playtests, adjustments, and tweaks to give you a truly fun experience that has replay value. We want our products to last.

Be passionate about the games we make

We want our team to be passionate about the products we create, and if we aren’t, we need to stop what we are doing and change direction. We make games because there is something truly magical about seeing someone play them. We need our audience to feel the love and life we breathe into every project so their own imaginations can run rampant.

Do good work

Always add value to the company by doing the right thing, and by learning and absorbing new knowledge with every new project.

We are all always growing. No one is perfect. Be humble and just be the version of you that you want to be seen being.

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