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Game Ambassador

Dark Veil Studios is looking to bring a high quality Ambassador with skills in Promoting Dark Veil as a Storyteller and Game Runner/Knowledge Consultant for our IP Universe. 


About Dark Veil Studios LLC.,
We are a new studio focused on fantasy/adventure game and geek culture products specifically focused on ttrpg, board-game, and novel publishing. Our mission is to bring top tier quality products to a new generation audience. The company is currently focused on increasing the brand of our new IP Dark Veil. We focus on creating the best buying experience for TTRPG & board game fans, excellent customer experience and top notch exclusive products. 


We are looking for someone to help usher the brand into success by connecting our players with a storytellers voice. As a Game Ambassador, your responsibilities will include running games on our discord or across other places like roll20, twitch, or youtube on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. This may require cultivating players, working with our community, promoting actual play streams, and planning and organizing games. 

This position is limited in scope to running and organizing games. We want to build a team trust in this role to become a future leader of the business with rewards relating to convention passes, merchandise, payment covered on convention costs to select conventions where Dark Veil requires top tier game runners, and access to necessary products for free and before anyone else gets their hands on them.


Job Requirements

• Be an avid TTRPG and geek-culture fan, player and consumer recommended. You need to know your customer and need to be heavily involved in the TTRPG culture.

• Work with Creative Director and Marketing Specialist to develop long term game run strategies and outreach solutions to bring in players and promote our products.

• Run weekly or bi weekly games.

• Promote games across other ttrpg's spaces with celebrities and guests by being an ambassador of our product.

• Maintain a positive cultural representative of our business by engaging with all players and communities as a professional representative of the product.

• Network connections across the industry.

• Organizing, planning, and running open play games for our products where necessary outside of a standard actual play campaign.

• Attention to detail and quality of our materials along with our customer standards.

• Scheduling and meeting scheduled meetings for live-play games.



• 2+ years experience in Running TTRPG Games in a professional atmosphere

• 5+ years experience with TTRPG and geek culture

• Extra weight for experience in Video production and live streaming - YouTube, Twitch, etc.

• Experience in Acting or Creative talents

• Positive cultural attitude with a get stuff done mindset.

• Motivation to to build and grow the brand into something great.

• True Passion for our universe and products.

• Cultural upholding of the highest level of care and professionalism related to sexual orientation, race, politics, class, age, and the ability to remain fair and balanced in subjective game situations.

Job Type:

Pay as a professional Storyteller/GM and Ambassador of our Product lines based on experience.

Benefits: Flexible schedule to bring you in part time and slowly create a full time role with benefits that suit your needs • Full remote work life balance • Ground floor of new business • Occasional opportunities for costs covered for conventions and required travel • Take your storytelling to the next level



Flexible to your schedule but will require prompt deadlines for scheduled games and appointments.


Education: None


Work Location: Full Remote, Some Convention, Some required travel


This Company Describes Its Culture as:

• Quality oriented -- quality and precision -- focused on quality over time

• Detailed -- accuracy of detail -- accuracy of brand message

• Outcome-oriented -- results-focused with strong performance culture

Work Remotely:



COVID-19 Precaution(s):

• (not required at this time but required to follow for in person appearances per CDC guidelines)


Submit applications as a Game Ambassador directly to

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