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The Dark Veil Team: We are continually growing a team of passionate and talented individuals that work with and at Dark Veil Studios. Dark Veil is brought to you by the team below, as well as great play-testers from the community.


DVS Creative Direction T. Julian Bell (he/him)

DVS Art & Art Direction Christopher Balaskas (he/him)

DVS Marketing Ben Ryder (he/him)

DVS Production Manager Natasia Nickerson (she/her)

DVS Game Ambassador Noir (he/them)


Character Art Shen Fei

Editor Carey Shook (she/her)

Game Design Harley McEvoy

Trailer VO Talent Emily Sweet (she/her)


Trailer Tomasz Bar Marek Kramarczyk Piotr Żuchowski

3d Models Hexy Studio


Writer Jacob Strout (he/him)

Writer Logan Timmins (he/him)

Writer Sally Tamarkin (she/her)

Writer Sebastian Yue (they/them)

Writer Tanner Wilson (she/her)

Writer Victoria Landazuri (she/her)

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